"The VAF, Valencic Armed Forces, is mainly a defensive force, however sometimes lashes out at our rebellious northern children that often considers itself it's own nation"  Sgt. Markus Behr, 3rd Legionaries, 2036.

August 14, 1986.

No-one knows exactly what happened. Most credible sources state that the last known publication happened on August 14th, 1986, and therefore was known as the end of the old world. A small number of maps have been recovered from that time, but much of what occurred remains shrouded in skepticism. However, there is one overall understanding. The world was submerged in ash, and sparks, from various man-made eruptions of mass scale, that decimated the entire world and separated nations. Formed in 2005, Valencia is in one of the coldest regions of the known world, inside the continent Cheutuloth, which has no contact with any other nations. Around 2028, a large number of the population rebelled against Valencia, who formed the VAF (Valencic Armed Forces) In response. The war escalated, separating Valencia in two and forcing there to be empty space in between. Various rules and laws about war passed between them, such as forbidding any type of explosive beside firearms, and certain other things. Valencia and Corlinea now exist as they do today, in 2248.