Uz-45/Úžasně známý '45


In 2045, Kabát created the Uz-45 as a introductory weapon. It achieved great success as both sides bought many of the weapon, and used it fairly regularly. It was based off of designs on a rifle in the far past that had similar functionality, and similar reliability.


The Uz-45's main features are it's durability in most hostile situations, even without high-end maintenance. It's base form has a wood and steel build, and is used in a large amount of military applications.


  • Round: 7.62x39mm.
  • Magazine: RxM-30 (Standard), RxM-10, RxD-50 (Drum).
  • Sights: Uz-45 Iron Sights (Standard), HCS-15 Iron Sights, HCS-15 Iron Half-Sights, WTS Holographic Box Sight, KTS-45 Medium-Distance Scope, HT-20 Short-Range Scope.
  • Barrel: Uz-45 Muzzle Break (Standard), HvP-S Barrel.
  • Under-barrel: None (Standard), Uz-45 Tactical Grip, HB-4, TD56 Wooden Grip, WrTG Tactical Grip.
  • Sides: None (Standard)
  • Grip: Uz-45 Tactical Grip (Standard), HB-4, TD56 Wooden Grip, WrTG Tactical Grip, WTS Stock, BK23 Stock.
  • Stock: Uz-45 Wooden Stock (Standard), HDM Folding Stock, TD56 Stock, WTS Stock, BK23 Stock.
  • Misc: Comfort Wraps.
  • Firing: The Uz-45 fires at 950 RPM.