The TD56/Todeswagen


   The TD56, created by Höllenregen for a specific tank, the TDME-56 (Todeswagen Military Enforcer 2156), which was then turned into a overall vehicle mounted weapon. The TD56 is commonly known for it's use on military tanks and other vehicles, as well as rarely in infantry deployments in different versions. It is known to have drawn plenty of inspiration in design from an old weapon simply known as a 'MG', which came from a region similar to where Höllenregen resides today.


   The TD56 shows it's prominence as a anti-infantry and light armor piercing weapon, with minimum maneuverability due to it's weight and size, however in some applications they are sent in with a few of the infantry platoons. The TD56's infantry version is lighter, and uses a bipod for stability instead of being mounted on a vehicle, and uses a 60 round drum magazine instead of a belt feeding mechanism usually used on the vehicle mounted version.


  • Round: 7.62x39mm (Standard)
  • Magazine: RxD-70 (Infantry), variable-sized belt feed (Vehicle)
  • Sights: HRS-60 Iron Sights (Standard), HCS-15 Iron Sights, HESO-6 Magnifying Holographic Sight (Some Vehicles), HT-20 Short-Range Scope (Some Vehicles), WTS Holographic Box Sight.
  • Barrel: H55 Muzzle Break (Standard), None, OSR Suppressor, KAT Suppressor
  • Under-barrel: HSI Folding Bipod (Infantry)
  • Sides: EML-1, KTF Flashlight
  • Grip: TD56 Wooden Grip (Standard), TD56 Wrapped Grip, WrTG, KrCG-4.
  • Stock: TD56 Wooden Stock (Standard), WTS Stock.
  • Misc: Comfort Wraps.
  • Firing: The TD56 fires at automatic at 960 RPM.