Sp-c/Smrt pušky-čepel


The Sp-c was designed in 2134 as a counter to one of Wynmer's weapons, and was similar but is usually known as the more reliable of the two, and is much more effective at suppressing fire.


The Sp-c is most well known for the fear that it evokes into the enemies of the wielder. They are known to be very loud, and most encounters that circle around are stories that show the panic the weapon can endue in the hearts of infantry platoons as they leave a deafening ringing in the ears.


  • Round: 7.62x39mm.
  • Magazine: RxM-10 (Standard), Rxm-30.
  • Sights: KTS-45 Medium-Distance Scope (Standard), HT-20 Short-Range Scope, BK23 Detachable Scope.
  • Barrel: Sp-c Muzzle Break (Standard).
  • Under-barrel: Sp-c Folding Bipod (Standard), BK23 Folding Bipod, HDB Bipod.
  • Sides: None (Standard)
  • Grip: Uz-45 Tactical Grip (Standard), TD56 Wooden Grip, WrTG Tactical Grip, KrCG-4, SV-16 Grip
  • Stock: Sp-c Wooden Stock (Standard), Uz-45 Wooden Stock, TD56 Wooden Stock.
  • Misc: Hearing protection (Standard).
  • Firing: The Sp-c is in all cases semi-automatic.