SV-16/Schneller Vogelschlag 16


   In 2130, Höllenregen, decided that their normal DS-8 could've had some enhancements, and they didn't quite have a overall good weapon for guards. They decided an automatic shotgun would be a good fit, and it worked well for it's job. It was turned into a popular weapon for storytelling, as it was seen often by civilians.


   The SV-16 has great influence in Valencic folk tale, and is seen in civilian eyes to be one of the best weapons, due to all of the storytelling surrounding it. It quite the popular weapon among some guards as they do not have to engage in long range activities.


  • Round: 16 Gauge Shells.
  • Magazine: 16gxM-30 (Standard), 20xM-16.
  • Sights: HCS-15 Iron Sights (Standard), HCS-15 Iron Half-Sights, WTS Holographic Box Sights, HESO-4 Holographic Sight, BK23 Iron Sights.
  • Barrel: None (Standard).
  • Under-barrel: None (Standard), HBK Bayonet, HB-4 Grip.
  • Sides: None (Standard), EML-1, KTF Flashlight.
  • Grip: SV-16 Grip (Standard), TD56 Wooden Grip, TD56 Wrapped Grip, EC Stock, HB-4, WTS Stock, DS-8 Stock.
  • Stock: TD56 Stock, EC Stock, WTS Stock, DS-8 Stock.
  • Misc: Comfort Wraps.
  • Firing: The SV-16 Fires at 700 RPM.