P-nv/prorazit-nejdelší vzdálenost


   One of the most recent firearms to enter production, the P-nv was created due to a overall lack of efficient long-range rifles in production. Most are skeptical as it is not yet a well-tested design, but Kabát is very confident in their rifle.


   The P-nv is a full-steel rifle with a folding bipod, adjustable stock, and light frame. Some like to say that the weapon explodes on firing, however that is allegedly false. It can be difficult to move around with, however maneuverability is not a main focus. Most attachments of the rifle do not work well with other ones.


  • Round: 7.62x39mm.
  • Magazine: RxM-10 (Standard), Other magazines are too long and add weight.
  • Sights: P-nv Long Range Scope (Standard), BK23 Magnification Scope.
  • Barrel: P-nv Muzzle Break (Standard)
  • Under-barrel: P-nv Folding Bipod (Standard).
  • Sides: None (Standard)
  • Grip: P-nv Grip (Standard), Uz-45 Grip, TD56 Wooden/Wrapped Grip, WrTG Tactical Grip.
  • Stock: P-nv RC Stock (Standard).
  • Misc: Comfort Wraps.
  • Firing: The P-nv is bolt-action.
  • Note: The P-nv does not have many known modifications that work well with the weapon, because it is very specialized and it's original pieces work very well for it.