The M2-54 Henry


In 2056, as the first weapon Wynmer created, the M2 Henry was full of faults. Since then, only the M50-M54 are used, as the others are fairly outdated. It is often referred to as good enough to rival the Uz-45 in combat. The M1 Henry is considered a entirely different rifle, as it has almost no similarities with the M2 and onward.


The Henry rifle is considered one of the most adaptable weapons in the world. It now and then pops up overseas, and in the hands of Valencic officers, although most of them know well enough to keep to their Uz-45's and Eisengewehr's.


  • M50: This is a Designated Marksman's Rifle.
  • M51: The M51 is integrally suppressed, and has burst fire.
  • M52: A fully automatic, wood and steel rifle.
  • M53: A lever action rifle. This one is fairly unpopular.
  • M54a1: This is a smaller version of the M54a1, with a folding stock and shorter barrel to be specific. Features a select fire with semi-automatic, three round burst and
  • M54: The most up-to-date version, with a reliable stock and with plenty of available modifications. Fully automatic.


  • Round: 7.62x39mm (Standard)
  • Magazine: RxM-25 (Standard), RxM-10.
  • Sights: Variable optics (Standard), Most mountable optics.
  • Barrel(Exception: M51): Threaded barrel (Standard), Any threaded muzzle break, any suppressors.
  • Under-barrel: Rail covers (Standard), Pistol Grips' and flashlights, Bipods (M50)
  • Sides: Rail Covers (Standard), Flashlights.
  • Grip: Various comfort grips (Standard), any 'pistol grips'
  • Stock: Standard stocks.
  • Misc: Comfort Wraps, Patriotic tape.
  • Firing: All except for the M50 ad M53 fire at 950 RPM.