Kp-10/Krátká puška


In 2187, Kabát wanted to create another weapon for general use on the battlefield. They came up with the Kp-10, a fast and easy to produce weapon. It generally comes in two forms, the Kp-10a and the Kp-10b. The latter is less common, has a lower firerate, and is constructed in full steel. The Kp-10a is more common and has a wood/steel construction, with a faster firerate.


The Kp-10 is overall a very good weapon for it's purpose. It rivals the Uz-45 and is very usable in general.


  • Round: 10mm.
  • Magazine: Kp-10xD-60 (Standard) (Drum), 10xM-25.
  • Sights: Uz-45 Iron Sights (Standard), WTS Holographic Box Sights, HCS-15 Iron Sights, HCS-15 Iron Half Sights, BK23 Iron Sights.
  • Barrel: Kp-10 Barrel (Standard), HvP-s Barrel.
  • Under-barrel: None (Standard), Uz-45 Tactical Grip, HB-4, TD56 Wooden Grip, WrTG Tactical Grip.
  • Sides: None (Standard)
  • Grip: Uz-45 Tactical Grip (Standard), HB-4, TD56 Wooden/Wrapped Grip, WrTG Tactical Grip.
  • Misc: Comfort Wraps.
  • Firing: The Kp10a fires at 1050 RPM, while the Kp10b fires at 750 RPM.

Dp-10/Dlouhá pistole


In the Dp-10, most of the barrel is shortened, the stock is changed into a folding stock, and it is generally changed to become smaller. It also has the Kp10b fire rate of 750 RPM, and is officially banned by both countries. It is not quite a different weapon, just more of an extreme modification that takes up another name. Most owners of this are publicly executed.