KS-20/Kleine Schrotflinte 20


   In 2231, Höllenregen decided that they needed a shotgun to give to civilians. They wanted this shotgun to be low-powered compared to the other two shotguns that were in production, however they still wanted it to be still useful. So, they went about creating the KS-20.


   The KS-20 is well known for it's overall pistol-like recoil, as it is not very powerful. It only holds eight rounds, and it requires a stock to be used effectively.


  • Round: 20 Gauge Shells.
  • Magazine: 8 Round internal magazine.
  • Sights: KS-20 Iron Sights, WTS Holographic Box Sights, HCS-15 Iron Sights, HCS-15 Iron Half-Sights, BK32 Iron Sights.
  • Barrel: None (Standard), PHV Muzzle Break.
  • Under-barrel: None (Standard), HBK Bayonet.
  • Sides: Normal (Standard)
  • Grip: KS-20 Stock (Standard), TD56 Grip and Stock, DS-8 Stock, WTS Stock.
  • Firing: Pump-Action.