HvP-S/Hagel von Pfeile Scharfrichter


   In 2135, Höllenregen decided that they needed a weapon to work with some of the military types that are not covered by most weapons out there. Reason being that they are usually too long or not powerful enough to be used in said scenarios, and so they made the HvP-S for this specific purpose.


   The HvP-S has a folding stock, short barrel and HCS-15 Iron Sights. It is fully automatic. The HvP-S also comes with a holster, to allow the owner to use it hands-free. Said holster also can be unattached easily if the need arises. It also comes with an additional version of it that has a under-barrel vertical grip, with a HT-20 Short-Range Scope.


  • Round: 10mm (Standard)
  • Magazine: 10xM-25 (Standard)
  • Sights: HCS-15 Iron sights (Standard), HCS-15 Iron Half-sight, HESO-4 Holographic Sight, WTS Holographic Box sight, HT-20 Short-Range Scope. (Second version)
  • Barrel: HvP-S Barrel (Standard).
  • Under-barrel: None (Standard), HB-4 (Second version), TD56 Wooden Grip, TD56 Wrapped Grip, WrTG Tactical Grip, KTF Flashlight.
  • Sides: None (Standard), EML-1, and KTF Flashlight.
  • Grip: HB-4 (Standard), TD56 Wooden Grip, TD56 Wrapped Grip, WrTG Tactical Grip, EC Stock, WTS Stock.
  • Stock: HDM Folding Stock (Standard), EC Stock, TD56 Wooden Stock, WTS Stock.
  • Firing: The HvP-S only fires at automatic, and has a 760 RPM rate of fire.