This is a general list of the manufactured weapons in the world of Fatal Impact. It also mentions a few... banned weapons... which may or may not come into effect eventually.

Manufacturer: Höllenregen

DS-8/Doppelfass-Schrotflinte 8 -

The DS-8, or Double Barrel Shotgun, is a typical break-action shotgun. One can fire both 8 gauge rounds at once or seperately, via a dial on the left side with a option for "Safety, Semi-Automatic, Burst"

KS-20/Kleine Schrotflinte 20 -

The DS-20 is a small shotgun, that comes with a eight round chamber, inserted from the buttom, and is semi-automatic.

SV-20/Schneller Vogelschlag 20 Gauge -

The SV-20 is a automatic shotgun, that shoots 30 rounds of birdshot in the 20 Gauge, via a straight magazine.

HvP-S/Hagel von Pfeile Scharfrichter -

The HvP-S is a submachine gun chambered in the 10mm, with 25 rounds.

Eisen/Eisengewehr -

The Eisengewehr is a semi-automatic rifle that features a 7.62x39mm round type in various magazine sizes (10, 30, 50). There is a automatic version, but it is fairly unreliable and is common to jams and breakages.

Bolzen Karabiner-23/BK23 -

The BK23 is a mainly wood-constructed bolt action rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm rounds, used as an old-fashioned sniper rifle.

Blutjäger -

The Blutjäger is a  semi-automatic pistol, that is in many cases, your standard reliable pistol. The grip of it is typically wood, with a hook on the bottom to assist with pulling out the magazine. It is chambered in the 10mm, featuring 15 rounds per magazine.

TD56/Todeswagen -

The Todeswagen is a 5.56x45mm LMG featuring a usually 60 round magazine, and a additional configuration specifically for mouted use.

Knüppel -

The Knüppel, a common mace-like bludgeoning tool.

Manufacturer: Kabát

M26 Yurasov/Tichý oheň M26 -

The M26 is a Integrally suppressed handgun created for use in Valencia.

Uz-45/Úžasně známý '45 -

The Uz-45 is based off of ancient technology, that showed simplistic design yet high reliability.. The details have been lost to the wastes many years ago. The weapon is chambered in the 7.62x39mm, in various magazine sizes (10, 30, 50). This is an assault rifle that features five round burst, semi-automatic, and fully automatic fire. It's construction is a mix of wood and steel.

Ko-10/Kočičí olovo-

The Ko-10, often called the Kolo, or olovo, a 10mm pistol with all three full-automatic,two round burst, and semi-automatic, and is often known to be a powerful and expensive sidearm, that can be easily concealed. It is banned for civilian use. It usually has 25 rounds, but is now and then used with 15 round magazines.

P-nv/prorazit-nejdelší vzdálenost -

The P-nv is often seen as the best rifle for ranged assassinations. The rifle comes with a scope that enhances one's vision to a point, and has quite a few different features that are supposed to long-range warfare. The P-nv is chambered in the 7.62x39mm.

Sp-c/Smrt pušky-čepel -

The Sp-c is a marksman's rifle that is chambered in the 7.62x39mm with various magazine sizes (10, 30, 50). It is commonly used for insurgency missions, and has settings for three round burst and semi-automatic. It's construction is of wood and steel, and was originally a highly modified Uz-45 but then was further modified into a entirely new rifle.

Kp-10/Krátká puška -

The Kp-10 is best known as a submachine gun, or a automatic pistol. There are various versions of the Kp-10, shown as follows.
==== - Kp-10/Krátká puška - ====
The Kp-10 is the base version of the submachine gun, and is often used in military applications. It is chambered in the 10mm, and has magazines in 15, 25, and lastly 45.
==== - Dp-10/Dlouhá pistole - ====
The Dp-10 is a much shorter version of the Kp-10, turning it into more of a PDW or a militant weapon. This is a banned weapon, any owners of which are usually executed in public, including government officials.

Dýka -

The Dýka is basically a combat knife that is very common in military forces.

Zp-9/Západní pistole-

The Zp-9, or most commonly known as a revolver, being practically the only revolver in production anymore. It is chambered in the 9mm, and is mainly used by civilians. It has a cylinder that allows for four rounds inside of it, making it one of the worst weapons in general on the market, and is considered mainly ornamental.

Manufacturer: Wynmer

Over-Under Shotgun/Wynmer Tactical Shotgun -

A wood and steel shotgun, known for it's boxsights and stopping power. Originally known as the LIM87 Wynmer.

PSR67 Lawson -

The PSR67 Lawson, or P67 for short, is a long-range platoon support rifle.

ATR54 Pierce -

The ATR45 Pierce, or Anti-Armor Rifle, is a weapon designed to be used against tanks. It is produced in both Valencia and Corlinea due to some peace laws in the far past. Now and then production has stopped for Valencia, but not in recent times.

BDS95 Daniels -

The BDS95 Daniels, or simply Daniels, is a deploy-able machine gun meant for stationary use. It's function is to guard areas with suppressing fire to keep the enemy's head down.

SP79 Beret -

The SP79 Beret... Otherwise known as the Beret Gun, a small machine pistol that can make virtually no sound besides the inside mechanics when suppressed. Most Valencic intelligence knows nothing of this weapon.

M54 Henry -

The M54 Henry is a type of rifles for Corlinea, and is used very commonly.

More additions will be added in the future!