This is a overall list of vehicles that Corlinea and Valencia use.

Manufacturer: Höllenregen

TDME-56 Medium Tank:

The TDME-56 is a medium tank mounted with three TD56's, two in the front and one in the back. It is one of the most common tanks in the Valencic military, and is very useful as a transport vehicle.

TDST-56 Light Tank:

The TDST-56 is a light tank with one TD56 in the front, and fairly light armor. It is mainly used for sending messages or supplies to the front lines, in large caravans with other vehicle

ST-96 Lieferant:

The Lieferant is a supply truck that often finds itself in a caravan with the TDST-56 carrying supplies to the various units on the front line.


The MPC-76 is a officer patrol car that is often used to move important documents and small supplies, as well as function as transportation.

A-e75 Hurrikan:

The A-e75, or simply known as Hurrikan, are single-seat fighters that have two mounted TD56's in the wings.

CH-35 Tragen:

The CH-35 Tragen is a cargo helicopter, used for transport of goods or people.

S-86 Vogel:

The S-86 Vogel is an attack helicopter, that has two side-mounted TD56's, with a front TD56 as well.