The Eisen/Eisengewehr


   In 2233, range in rifles mainly was attributed to high-caliber bolt action sniper rifles, and very few semi-automatic marksman's rifles were in production. Höllenregen begun production of their own marksman's rifle, known as Prototype Eisen, usually. They took inspiration from various ancient rifles, their names lost in the chaos that started in 1989. The Eisengewehr later found inspiration from some of the crude modifications that the people of that time created onto their own weapons, and tried to create a highly modular design for their newest rifle. It didn't go quite as planned, and instead of it being a jack-of-all-trades, it became a staple scouting and marksman's rifle. However, Kabát saw the possibility with the Eisengewehr, and created a similarly historical based weapon in 2245.


   The Eisengewehr's specialty is distance, and it's base design reflects that. It comes with a removable bipod, a scope that is removable to allow for the use of the iron sights, and the Eisen Mounted Laser (EML-1)


  • Round: 7.62x39mm (Standard)
  • Magazine: RxM-30 (Standard), RxD-50 (Drum), RxM-10
  • Sights: HCS-15 Iron sights(Standard), HCS-15 Iron Half-sight HESO-5 Detachable Scope (Standard), HESO-4 Holographic Sight, WTS Holographic Box Sight, KTS-45 Medium-Distance Scope, HT-20 Short-Range Scope.
  • Barrel: EMB Muzzle Break (Standard), OSR Suppressor, KAT Box Suppressor.
  • Under-barrel: None, HDB Bipod (Standard), Uz-45 Tactical Grip, KTF Flashlight, Modified HSI Folding Bipod.
  • Sides: EML-1 (Standard), None, KTF Flashlight.
  • Grip: EC Stock (Standard), KrCG-4, WrTG, TD56 Wood Grip, TD56 Wrapped Grip.
  • Stock: EC Stock (Standard), TD56 Wooden Stock, WTS Stock, HDM Folding Stock.
  • Misc: Comfort Wraps.
  • Firing: Usually Semi-automatic, with a three-round-burst showing up now and then at 900 rpm.