The DS-8/Doppelfass-Schroftlinte 8


   Often used by those fighting in a unconventional battle, such as Guerrilla warfare or by some guards, as well as various out-of-city wanderers. Developed in 2024, one of the oldest designs besides the Blutjäger, and the DS-8 is often known as the best shotgun in production.


   What makes the DS-8 interesting is the breach-loading design. It uses powerful shells and is not known to jam easily. Wynmer is often criticized for daring change the classic design by creating their own version which features a over-and-under design. It has a HBS-2 iron sight, but said sights are usually replaced for some of the better sights as the HBS-2 is not easy to use.


  • Round: 8 Gauge Shells
  • Magazine: Double Barrel (Standard)
  • Sights: HBS-2 Iron Sights (Standard), HCS-15 Iron Sights, HCS-15 Iron Half-Sights, WTS Holographic Box Sight, HESO-4 Holographic Sight
  • Barrel: Normal (Standard), Sawed Off
  • Under-barrel: None (Standard) HBK Bayonet.
  • Sides: Normal (Standard)
  • Grip: DS-8 Wooden Stock (Standard), TD56 Grip and Stock, WTS Stock.
  • Misc: Comfort Wraps
  • Firing: The DS-8 can fire at the same time if the user wishes, but is controlled by dual triggers that are intended to be fired separately.