The Blutjäger


   In 2015, Höllenregen decided that their old pistol, the BT-45 was becoming obsolete with new technological improvements, and quickly decided to replace the out-dated and incompatible bolt action. They decided to use various tools to create it, including ancient blueprints from many years before the war, that was recovered one of the initial wastelands back in 1996. It is now one of the best performing pistols in the market, that are available for public use.


   The most obvious feature that sets the Blutjäger apart is it's classic design. It is small, sleek, and light, However still remains powerful and operational. It has a small hook at the bottom of the grip, to pull out the magazine, and is often seen with a flashlight bolted to the barrel. It uses HCS-15 Iron Sights (Höllenregen Circle Sight) and is capable of bolted-on holographic sights.


  • Round: 10mm (Standard), 9mm rarely
  • Magazine: 10xM-15 (Standard) and 10xM-25 are the two most common magazine choices.
  • Sights: HCS-15 Iron sights (Standard), HCS-15 Iron Half-sight, HESO-4 Holographic Sight, WTS Holographic Box sight.
  • Barrel: PHV Muzzle Break (Standard), sOSR Suppressor, sKAT Small Box Suppressor.
  • Under-barrel: None, HCF-4 Flashlight (Standard), EML-1, Uz-45 Small Tactical Grip.
  • Sides: Usually nothing, but now and then EML-1.
  • Grip: HB-4 (Standard), KCG-4, TD56 Wooden Grip, TD56 Wrapped Grip.
  • Stock: None (Standard), Modified HDM Folding Stock.
  • Firing: Usually semi-automatic, but now and then it appears in automatic form. In automatic form it often has a 700 RPM Rate of Fire, and all of the 9mm versions of the Blutjäger are automatic.